Rancho Pet Kennels serving the entire West Valley since 1954


Your pet doesn't understand "luxury", you pet understands a caring hand going through its fur, a cookie for a "good boy", a walk in the park, a good bath and a nap in the sun.  A good meal, a soft bed to sleep on, a T-shirt with a good scent and its favorite toys. Your pet needs fresh air (not TV), a roomy run not a enclosed area with glass doors and an iron bed. The kennels are cleaned and regularly inspected by the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control. Your pet loves to see the same familiar faces and not strangers every time its being boarded.  Part time employees are not an option.  You need long term employees.

Ranch Pet Kennels offers all of the above and more. There is no such thing as "Four Seasons" for dogs, instead there is care, affection and responsibility during their stay at Rancho Pet Kennels (1954 -2014

27201 Canwood Street, Agoura Hills,   818 889 1600 (Anna Dove)